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109 Grey Dining Table

Collection: Extravaganza Collection by ESF

Stock status: Stock Product
Colors: Black, Grey/Silver, Marble
Materials: Metal, Marble and Marble looking
Item Description
The 109 Extendable Dining Table is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture designed to enhance your dining experience. This dining table offers functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for any modern or contemporary setting. The 109 Extendable Dining Table comes with the 79 Dining Chair, a perfect companion that enhances the overall aesthetic of the set. The dining chair features black smooth powder-painted legs that harmonize with the table's leg design. The front seat of the chair is upholstered in Belfast fabric, adding a touch of softness and comfort.

Table top: 11mm solid chinese ceramic matte grey marble pattern
Frame & legs: Black sanding powder coating

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Available Items   Qty in Stock Qty to Order Dimensions
109 Dining Table Grey Ceramic

109 Dining Table Grey Ceramic

two 12" extensions
(MSRP) $980

109 Dining Table Grey Ceramic

109 Dining Table Grey Ceramic
two 12" extensions
(MSRP) $980
Qty in Stock: 17
Qty to Order:
Width 47/71"
Depth 31"
Height 30"
Total price: $980

Inventory is updated on 07/15/2024
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